Tainted Skin Tattoos

Quick weekend collab between Aaron Riddle, Dave Togtman and myself on a new shirt design for Tainted Skin Tattoos in Crown Point, IN.

Here are some process pics for all those art nerds that like to see how things take shape:

The initial sketch on tracing paper done by Aaron Riddle and Dave Togtman at the Tattoo Shop.

Fine black ink liner done by Aaron and Dave at the shop. I took it home and went over it.

After going over the liner I pulled it into Illustrator to clean it up and live trace it.

Once the liner is vectorized and clean I pull it into photoshop to add some color layers.

Now I need something for the background. Drew up some random shapes to match the main illustration.

Time to add all the elements and work on logo placement.

…and if you know my work, IT’S TEXTURES TIME!!!! Let’s add some depth.

Since the project calls for only two colors, it’s time to color separate and halftone this into 2 isolated pantone colors.

So here is a mock of the finished two color shirt design for Tainted Skin Tattoos.